phpBB Weekly #161: So Long, And Thanks For All the (Eric) Fish

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Episode Duration: 1:34:56
On This Episode: Douglas Bell (webmacster87), David Lewis (Highway of Life), and Francis Lewis (Handyman`)

It’s our last live episode of phpBB Weekly, and the last time David and Douglas are on the show as the regular co-hosts before the show goes under new management. However, it was a special episode, not only because almost the entire thing was improvised without planned show notes, but as a great opportunity for recapping Libertyvasion 2010 and offering some parting thoughts to the phpBB project as it continues moving into the future.

We start by looking at how we can help make MODding eaiser by offering suggestions to the teams on where to implement hooks in phpBB 3.1 Ascraeus.

Douglas also recaps some of the presentations from Libertyvasion, noting some of the plans and discussions relating to the future of phpBB development-particularly concerning phpBB4’s integration with Symfony 2–and recapping presentations about the proliferation of the MOD Team Tools, and looking at the improvements coming to the automatic MOD installer to be included with phpBB 3.1.

We also congratulate Yuriy and Patrick on their promotions to Operations Manager and Support Team Leader, respectively, and Douglas notes that Rich McGirr (RMcGirr83) was also given a surprise promotion to full MOD Team Member. Some other promotions that were neglected on the episode include the additions of Igor Wiedler (eviL<3) to the Developer Team and Christian Bullock (Christian 2.0) to the Support Team, along with a number of other new team members throughout the teams.

Then, Douglas and David pull back and reflect on how phpBB Weekly started and grew–against all odds–to the institution that it is today. We reflect back on some of our more memorable episodes — some of the ones mentioned are our BBGourmet April Fools episode, our first interview with Patrick O’Keefe, and the one where the teams taunted Douglas about the phpBB3 Gold release.

Then, David and Francis give us one last little chunk of podcast acting, as they take us all the way to England, where a man tries to get a license for his fish named Eric.

Finally, we close with our MOD and Style of the Week. We congratulate the winners of the Summer of MODs contest by making both of the winning MODs our MODs of the Week: Precise Similar Topics II by VSE, and Thanks for posts (ratings edition) by [WordPress is unable to display his username properly]. And for the Style of the Week, we honor Christian’s victory in the Libertyvasion T-Shirt Contest by making the Style of the Week Absolution by Christian 2.0.

We all want to thank everyone who has followed phpBB Weekly for all these years; it’s been a fun ride. We’re looking forward to seeing how the podcast continues to grow and evolve when Phil and Sam take over the show, and wish them lots of luck and lots of fun!

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